Managing Passive Optical Networks and Air Blown Fibre Systems

Course overview

21st Century Telecoms Networks are undergoing rapid growth with major operators deploying passive optical networks with high bandwidth applications such as HDTV, VoIP and Fibre-to-the-Home, Triple Play Services using air blown fibre technologies. This has created a demand for skilled technical and managerial staff in the use of Air Blown Fibre Systems with an understanding of Passive Optical Networks. This unique course delivers the most up-to-date technology and practical hands-on training with cutting edge equipment.

Course objectives

Unit 1 – Passive Optical Networks

  • Understand limitations of current copper based architectures used in the “last mile”
  • Understand PON technologies and architectures FTTx FTTH FTTP
  • Optical Loss Budgets
  • Outside plant installation and testing

Unit 2 – Air Blown Fibre Systems

  • Blown fibre system components
  • Installation of Microduct network
  • Use and maintenance of blowing equipment
  • Design customised blown fibre networks

On-site: 5 day course

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