Broadband Distribution Networks Engineering

Course overview

CTTS has developed a suit of practical based engineering courses to support broadband delivery. Renowned for their innovative, practical and facilitated approach, CTTS has developed a unique offering to meet the skills shortages for broadband distribution networks engineering. These modules can be cherry picked to suit requirements or taken as a ten day course.

Course objectives

  • Network topologies, ISP/OSP, connectivity solutions
  • Optical Consolidation Racks (OCR), fibre management and splicing practical
  • Optical fibre cables, identification, handling, stripping and preparation techniques
  • Safe handling and use of heavy plant
  • Sub duct and blown fibre tubing marking, trimming and installing
  • Installation of sub duct and optical cables
  • Installation of air blown fibre cables 5-13 mm
  • Installation of air blown fibre bundles 1 -3 mm
  • Outside plant fibre closures and nodes
  • Customer premises equipment home and multi dwelling units
  • Optical fibre test and measurements

On-site: 10 day course

Top Cable Training courses

All courses provide certified training and meet international standards. They are instructor-led and are practically-based with state of the art equipment and tooling enabling candidates to have the practical skills to meet requirements to meet quality assured networks. The courses are not offered on-line due to the practical nature and assessment requirements to ensure competency.