Accredited training for telecommunications professionals

Accredited Training & Qualifications

UKTA has unique experience is providing both academic and practical training globally and provides an accessible and inclusive learning environment for ICT professionals around the world. Our goal is to strengthen the human, institutional and organisational capacity of developing countries by making available telecommunications and ICT learning and development opportunities at the highest possible levels of quality.Through partnerships with leading institutions, UKTA has encouraged thousands of students to develop their careers by completing UKTA accredited courses.

Academic Training

UKTA offers two Masters Degree courses. The Master of Communications Management is offered in collaboration with the International Telecommunications Union and the University of Rwanda. The Master of Laws in Information And Communications Technology is offered in collaboration with the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute and The Open University of Tanzania. Both degree courses are delivered primarily online and offer students a flexible approach so they can pursue a Masters degree while maintaining their professional careers.

Practical Training

To encourage continuous professional development, UKTA accredits courses from third party providers. Both the GSMA and Cable Training provide a range of high quality and well received courses which reference real-world examples to highlight best practice.

The practical courses help professionals, policymakers and regulators understand the implications of different approaches and techniques, and how they can affect the delivery of telecommunications and ICTs.

Availability of Scholarships

The UKTA is proud to have secured a significant number of sponsorships for pupils from all over the world. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship and believe you have the drive and determination to excel within telecommunications, please get in touch with our Vice Chairman


"The whole experience of my MCM studies was rewarding. Without any hesitation I recommend the MCM to ICT professionals in both public and private sectors. Thank you UKTA for making this unique educational experience available and accessible to me." Abdalla Elfadil Fayet, General Manager and Company Secretary, MTN Sudan