UKTA and ITU enter a new partnership

UKTA and ITU enter a new partnership to improve skills in the ICT sector and launch an online Master’s degree programmes with the University of Rwanda.

On 11 June 2015, ITU and the United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy (UKTA) signed a cooperation agreement to launch an online Master’s degree programme on information and communication technology topics.

The UKTA online Master of Communications Management (eMCM) will be provided through the ITU Academy platform. The content of the programme will cover studies in the areas of strategic, human resources and project management, financial risk analysis, legal and regulatory policy issues within the telecoms/ICT environment.

“ITU is committed to providing opportunities to acquire the specialized knowledge and skills needed to engage in and benefit from the telecommunication/ICT sector: the partnership with UKTA is a further illustration of our commitment,” said Mr Brahima Sanou, Director of the ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau. He added that “telecommunication/ICT-based education is fundamental to support the establishment and development of Members States’ ICT sectors.”

The ITU Academy platform has gone through a major transformation recently. It has become the platform of choice in the delivery of various training courses and programmes by ITU and a constellation of partners,” said Mr Sanou. “When combined with ITU’s Centers of Excellence initiative, the ITU Academy is certainly a winning formula to our human capacity effort.”

“The UKTA aims to provide an accessible and inclusive learning environment for ICT professionals from around the world,” said Professor David P Mellor, Chairman of UKTA. “This being the twentieth anniversary of the creation of our institution and the 150th anniversary of ITU, we are very excited to be transferring the eMCM programme to the ITU Academy Platform for the benefit of the whole ITU membership.”

It takes one and half to three years to complete the eMCM programme.  Participants will be able to download the module content from the online ITU Academy platform. The content of each module is also available on DVD or flash disc.

The eMCM programme targets to have at least 40 participants from all over the world every year. The first programme will start in January 2016. Applications will open in the third quarter of 2015. Details on applications will be published soon on the ITU Academy website.

UKTA is a not-for profit limited Company registered in 1995. Since its establishment, UKTA has been working very closely with the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector and has supported a number of its activities. ITU and UKTA share a common goal to strengthen the human, institutional and organizational capacity of developing countries by making available telecommunications/ICT learning and development opportunities at the highest possible levels of quality.