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The UKTA has partnered with academic institutions in Africa, China and the U.K. and encouraged students from around the world to obtain both Doctors and Masters degrees. It has facilitated and helped to arrange scholarships for many exceptional individuals. Currently, the UKTA’s main focus is leveraging its U.K. based academic expertise with its African based institutional relationships and delivering two Master’s degree courses which blend online and face to face learning.

  • Master of Communications Management

    Master of Communications Management: Online Master of Communication Management (eMCM)

    The UKTA, in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the University of Rwanda, formally launched the online Master of Communication Management (eMCM) in April 2016.

    Who Should Apply?

    The programme is delivered online by experienced lecturers and professors from the United Kingdom. The eMCM is designed for individuals within ICT and telecommunications sectors who wish to enhance their managerial knowledge and competence. This includes engineers and managers working in telecommunications regulatory authorities, ICT service providers and other ICT stakeholders. Policy makers in ministries and government departments responsible for ICTs will also benefit from the eMCM.

    Modules and Delivery Periods

    The eMCM will be delivered online through the ITU Academy platform. The programme comprises four 30 credit modules and a 60 credit dissertation. The modules covered in this course are:

    • Project Management for ICT: April – July each year
    • Legal, Regulatory, Policy and Environment of a Converged Society: July – October each year
    • Human Resources for ICT: October – December each year
    • Strategic Management for ICT January – April each year
    • Dissertation: for the 6 months following completion of the 4 modules above

    After 60 credits (completion of any 2 of the above modules), candidates can exit with an award of a post-graduate certificate. After 120 credits (completion of the 4 modules), candidates will be awarded a post-graduate diploma. Upon successfully completing a dissertation, candidates will be awarded the Masters degree. This flexibility enables candidates to undertake specific modules for their Continuous Professional Development whilst also obtaining an academic award.


    The tuition fees for the whole program are USD 4,000, with each part being charged separately.The fees apply to all students taking this programme. Each module will cost USD 700 and the dissertation will cost USD 1,200 each payable before the start of each module. The programme is designed to be 18 months long, however, to help spread the workload/cost candidates will be able to extend the programme to 3 years by taking 2 modules each year with the Dissertation in the third year.

    How to apply

    To be admitted into the programme, possession of a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science and IT, business management, human resource management, law or related qualification from an accredited institution is required.

    Applications for the Masters degree are open. To download the application form, click here. Once completed, send the form and all supporting documents to the following email address:

    Prior to submitting an application, please ensure that you have the funds available to pay the tuition fees. Please note that applications are accepted any time and successful applicants will start on the next module. Applications less than 2 weeks before a module will begin at the following module.

  • Master of Laws in Information & Communications Technology

    Online Master of Laws in Information and Communications Technology (eLLM in ICT Law)

    UKTA, in partnership with African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) and The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) offers the eLLM in ICT Law with option of attending at least four seminars at a fee. The degree is awarded by the Open University of Tanzania and is led by UK based Professors who have supported similar programmes since 1994 and have written some of the major text books in the field.

    Who Should Apply?

    The programme is delivered online by experienced lecturers and professors from the United Kingdom. The eLLM in ICT Law is designed for lawyers wishing to specialise in the expanding fields of ICT law, in house lawyers working for companies active in the field such as mobile phone network providers, those responsible for the management of ICT systems in public and private sector organisations and those involved in regulation of the sector.

    Course Outline

    ICT increasingly underpins most aspects of our lives. Digital convergence is blurring the boundaries of industries, disrupting conventional business models and generating uncertainty over the regulatory and legal purview of telecommunications, broadcasting, competition, privacy, and security agencies. This course is designed to give detailed knowledge and understanding of the principles, nature and development of legal aspects of ICT, in addition to developing a range of generic transferable research and presentation skills which can be used in a wide range of settings.

    Modules and Delivery Periods

    The eLLM in ICT Law will be delivered online and consist of 6 modules:

    • ICT Policy and Regulation: January – March each year
    • Intellectual Property Law for IT: January – March each year
    • Legal Implications of e-Commerce: April – June each year
    • Internet Governance: April – June each year
    • Legal Aspect of Information Security: October – December each year
    • Legal Management of Contracts: October – December each year

    Optional seminars will be organised by AFRALTI in Nairobi, Kenya with at least 20 students at a fee of US$250 per participant per seminar.


    Tuition fee is US$5,000 participants can also pay in instalments.

    How to apply

    Candidates will normally have an Honours Degree in Law or any other degree with substantial legal content. Other qualifications are recognised, especially where the applicants work experience is relevant to the course.

    Please fill the International student application form and submit electronically to the address below. AFRALTI will only process the application after receiving application fee of US$50.

    For more details please contact:

    Mr. Jonathan P. Mwakijele, Programme Coordinator.


News and resources


UKTA signed a partnership agreement with Smart Africa that will boost capacity building, a key enabler of the Smart Africa Manifesto which has been endorsed by the African Union. The partnership will ensure that the Smart Africa Scholarship Fund is made available for African students to pursue Masters level programmes taught by UKTA professors.

“The UKTA Board is honoured to join the Smart Africa Alliance and contribute to its success,” said UKTA Chairman Gabriel Solomon. “The scholarships will help African leaders establish the right policy and regulatory environment to ensure the next leap of ICT evolution and we are eager to work with Smart Africa Member States in this regard,” he added. “Smart Africa is delighted to be collaborating with the UKTA on our important mission,” said Smart Africa Executive Director Dr Hamadoun Touré. “With its long history of educating African students and its excellent relationship with our institutions, UKTA is a credible partner we can rely on,” he added.

Scholarships are available to qualified citizens of Smart Africa Member States and will be awarded on a gender equal basis.


UKTA Honorary President David Mellor OBE was at Southampton University to present Mrs Margaret K Chalwe-Mudenda, Director General Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) with her well earned Masters of Laws in Information and Communication Technology Certificate of Attendance from ITU and UKTA. “It is with great pleasure that we are able to reward Margaret for her devotion to completing her LLM while performing her very important professional role and also being a mother,” said Professor Mellor. “UKTA is proud that our academic programmes can encourage life long learning without disrupting other responsibilities that our students maintain” he added. “As Zambia looks to modernise its ICT laws and regulations to catalyse a digital economy, the insight I have obtained from this degree is invaluable,” said Mrs Chalwe-Mudenda, adding “I would like to sincerely thank UKTA for their expert guidance and collaborative spirit.”

With a population of 15 million, Zambia has more than 10 million mobile subscribers, around a quarter of which use mobile broadband. Regulatory reform and the release of new spectrum are expected to accelerate broadband penetration.

Professor Mellor, OBE, Receives ITU’s Lifetime Achievement Award

At the recent UKTA Annual General Meeting held at Missenden Abbey, Chairman Gabriel Solomon and Director Li Lin presented Professor Mellor with the ITU’s Lifetime Achievement Award that was collected on his behalf at the Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium in Nairobi. Professor Mellor was recognised for his outstanding contribution to the ITU’s activities in capacity building and for helping more than 3,000 people from 180 countries develop their careers by attaining qualifications from the training and education programmes he designed.

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"UKTA has proved to be a worthy partner and we look forward to building on our relationship, educating more students and expanding the range of activities that we co-operate on. We are very grateful for the goodwill already shown by UKTA in the past, as we look forward to a brighter future in our cooperation." Professor Elifas T Bisanda, Vice Chancellor, Open University of Tanzania